Jean Louise

20’ Simmons Sea Skiff, T. N. Simmons design


This lovely and seaworthy skiff evolved during the late 40’s and early 50’s in the boat shop of T.N. Simmons in Myrtle Grove Sound North Carolina. Although originally designed as a shorter pulling boat, the design evolved as a motor boat with an innovative motor well with a large transom to resist waves breaking over the stern. With a dory-shaped forward section and a long flat run to follow, she planes easily at 30 mph with a 50 HP motor. She enjoys a solid reputation for seaworthiness, while being exceptionally easy to haul and launch weighing only 650 lbs. Built in mahogany and mahogany plywood with teak trim and a composite bottom by the Walter Baron (Old Wharf Dory Co) in 2004, JEAN LOUISE is the transportation of choice for the Moncton’s when running errands or sightseeing around the Bras d’Or Lake.