Boatyard Services

Bras d’Or Boatworks are ready and able to assist you in many areas of boat ownership and enjoyment. Review the following breakdown of some of the Boatyard services we offer to help make your “boat time” more enjoyable.

    Yacht Carpentry and Shipwright

    Custom fabrication, damage repair, plank replacement, frame reinforcement/replacement. Rot remediation. Peter trained and apprenticed as a shipwright before adapting to composites materials and processes. Our shop is fully equipped and our technicians are trained to handle large and small marine carpentry needs.
    $55 hr


    Marine Electrical

    Replacing a panel, upgrading wiring or adding equipment, our technicians adhere to ABYC standards and use the best quality materials to ensure a safe, efficient system. Want to get rid of the jumble of add-on wiring? We can design, supply and install complete installations from batteries to cable to appliances.
    $55 hr

    Composite repair and fabrication

    Composites have taken the boating world by storm. Whether its an epoxy sheathing over a wood deck, repairing a hole in the side of a fiberglass hull, replacing wet or rotted core or building a custom box or bracket, our technicians and suppliers can engineer and construct a composites solution to get you back on the water.

    $50 hr

    Paints & Finishes

    Conventional finishes on a wooden masterpiece, a hard wearing epoxy on a fishing vessel or the deep gloss of a spray applied LP topcoat on a modern racing yacht, we’re set up and ready to deliver a finish designed for your needs at a competitive price, on a set schedule.. Custom staining and epoxy saturation treatments.
    $50 hr
    Alexseal and Awlgrip finishes:
    Hull:     $175 ft average condition.
    Decks:              Contact for quote.


    Don’t have time for brightwork? We can restore your brightwork to factory condition and apply a brightwork system  delivering multiyear performance with a Boatshow finish. Just need a touch-up? We’ll look after bruises and bumps, scratches or trouble spots, or, we can apply a maintenance coat to the whole boat. Contact us to discuss your needs.

    Bottom Stripping and Barrier Coating

    Tired of dragging around a dirty bottom? Don’t like coming in second? Stripping off years of old bottom paint and applying a hard smooth barrier coat under modern antifouling is a great investment in your boats future. Its also good for the environment, provided you do it right. At Bras d’Or Boatworks we’ll do it inside and capture the dust at source. No leaching into the groundwater or lake. No residue on your neighbors boat. Just a smooth hard bottom formulated to provide perfect hold to your antifouling.
    (At Bras d’Or Boatworks we strongly encourage the use of waterborne antifoulings)

    $65 per ft LWL plus antifouling average.


    You only have limited vacation time. Do you need to waste it getting launched and rigged, or would you use it to go boating. In addition to launching and hauling, we’ve got the familiarity to put together almost any boat. Mast stepping, bending on sails, watering, we can have wine chilling in the fridge if you desire. When you’re finished give us a call, or drop off the key and we’ll shut her down, haul and winterize all systems and equipment.
    No hassle boating just a click of the mouse away.
    $50 hr Package pricing available.



    Found the ideal deal on a boat but it’s just not “fresh” enough? Need your boat to show well to close the sale? Detailing can be the key to making a deal and always make life onboard more enjoyable. From buffing and waxing to interior cleaning, polishing woodwork to glass cleaning we can deliver the level of clean you’re looking for. We do complete engine room detailing and bilge remediation, eliminating two of the primary causes of “old-boat-smell”.
    Package pricing.

    Sailboat Repowering

    Got a great sailboat with a clunker of an engine?
    Complete installations including electrical, mechanical and plumbing. New or reconditioned. Want to upgrade to an eco-conscious alternative?
    Talk to us about our experience with hybrid powered sailboats.

    Holding Tank Installation

    Bras d’Or Lake is a protected zone. No dumping of raw sewage is permitted.
    This simple, logical rule is quickly becoming the norm throughout the world. Still, many good-old-boats, are not equipped with holding tanks. Many other boats are equipped with out dated or inefficient systems. A bad head or tank installation can ruin the boating experience for many people.
    Let us make sure your compliant and properly equipped to minimize the impact and inconvenience of having an onboard sanitation system.


    A Marine Survey is more than a document for your insurance company. It’s a professional statement about the safety and value of your vessel. We have the experience and knowledge to understand the signs and identify potential problems before they cost you time, money or your life.
    We do surveys for pre-purchase, insurance,
    condition and valuation and peace of mind.

    $12/ft LOA Average

    Buyers Representative

    New to boat ownership and want to make sure the boat your considering is not only a sound investment but suits your ideal boating experience. Where a survey deals with the condition of a vessel, here we’ll deal with the suitability of a vessel. Take advantage of our experience to prepare a short-list of appropriate vessels before going to survey.
    Understand what items mean to resale and avoid purchasing
    someone else broken promise.


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